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Additional Dental Plans



Introducing the Affordable Smile Plan: a dental insurance alternative.

We invite you to apply for our in-house plan that can allow you to have affordable dental care. The Affordable Smile Plan allows you to pay a set fee for your dental cleanings yearly, at a discounted rate, and receive a 12% discount on all other dental procedures conducted in our office.

We allow for two different payment methods: a one-time payment of $365 annually, or 12 monthly payments of $32 for adults. For children under the age of 14, the cost is one bulk payment of $310, or 12 monthly payments of $28.

What the Affordable Smile Plan includes:

  • All routine cleanings (2 standard cleanings per 12 month period)

  • Annual routine hygiene exam by Dr. Hsu

  • All x-rays

  • 12% discount off all further dental work at Wellness Centered Dentistry

  • 12% off work beyond the scope of our office with our partnering specialists

Qualifications for the Affordable Smile Plan:

  • Completed New Patient Exam with Dr. Hsu

  • Patient demonstrates a healthy plaque-free score of 86% or above

  • Patients requiring periodontal cleanings - contact us for more information



As an alternative to dental insurance, we offer our patients the option of establishing a layaway plan. This plan is fully customizable to whatever works in your budget. When you have a zero balance, you can pay a set amount of your choice monthly or make payments as it suits you in advance of upcoming future treatment. You will receive a credit worth 10% of whatever amount you pay in advance with this option. 

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