Dr. Hsu's care looks at your dental future and offers hope for success.

Our dentist works with you one-on-one to design a long-term plan for your dental future and address immediate concerns at the same time. We believe that we offer our patients the means to achieve their own dreams and aspirations of personal wellness. Dr. Hsu's goal is to help you get - and stay - healthy.

Conventional dentistry reacts to dental problems. We aim to eliminate them.


Core Principles

Our team feels that these principles are central to how we care for our patients, and we do our very best to honor the following promises to our patients:

Quality Care:

  • We will treat you as we would like to be treated. This includes confidentiality, respect, a supportive atmosphere, friendliness, giving our best effort, and thoroughness.

Commitment to Optimal Health and Optimal Action:

  • We provide dentistry to those who are serious about their health. We encourage timely action to avoid more extensive treatment in the future.

Pain-Free Dentistry:

  • We wish to create an enjoyable, positive experience. Your comfort is our priority. We honor your needs and concerns.

Cause-Oriented Treatment:

  • We commit to help you identify, understand, and control any causes of dental disease.

Inform Before We Preform:

  • We will make sure you understand the financial, clinical, and long-term benefits and risks of treatment before we begin.


  • We commit to our self-growth, education, and understanding the latest techniques to benefit you.

Committed to Teaching:

  • To gain optimal health, we commit to teaching our patients self-care (prevention) so that you can keep your teeth. We will actively listen to you as part of our teaching.

We will make every effort to see you on time


In Dr. Raymond Hsu's words: "health is being care-free, comfortable and content." Using health as a foundation, we make an effort to go beyond the current norm in the dental care of simply addressing problems as they develop, and treat problems at their source in order to minimize or eliminate future dental concerns.

We believe that the person who plays the most important role in your dental care is you. Each patient deserves individualized care that aims at creating long-term wellness in a manner that is comfortable for them. Dr. Raymond Hsu and his team care for you with the following goals in mind:

Our Goals:

  • We create "beautiful smiles with a warm, personal touch!" in accordance with your vision for your smile.
  • If you are not completely satisfied with the final product, Dr. Hsu will redo his work at no further cost to you until you are pleased with the outcome.
  • We strive to provide care that is never hurried, treating you with the respect you deserve.

What We Offer You:

  • Accurate and detailed information regarding your treatment.
  • Professional assessment of your needs and wants.
  • Consideration of your entire mouth, including your gums, bite, functionality, and longevity.
  • Dr. Hsu's expert specialization in cosmetic dentistry, such as whitening and veneers.
  • Dr. Hsu's expert specialization in restorative dentistry, such as crowns and fillings.

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