Bioesthetic Dentistry

Bioesthetic Dentistry

Do you experience functional or esthetic problems with your teeth? This could include concerns like worn or chipped teeth, repeated headaches, neck, shoulder, or upper back pain, pain in the jaw joint and grinding of teeth, etc., and this can be an indicator for chewing system disharmony. In such cases, bioesthetic dentistry will probably be able to help you.

Bioesthetic Dentistry is a process that encompasses extensive diagnosis and treatment planning to achieve a healthy and highly functional chewing system that provides natural beauty.

The beauty of our smile can affect our health, function, and durability of our teeth. The natural form and function of our chewing system that encompasses our teeth, bite, muscles, and jaw joints were naturally designed to protect our mouth from harm. So when this chewing system functions properly, one will always have a beautiful, unworn smile.

Bioesthetic Dentistry diagnoses the causes of chewing system disharmony, including tooth wear, instead of focussing on just symptoms. Occlusion has a significant effect on the temporomandibular joint and the airway; it is, therefore, essential for dentists to understand this relationship. Bioesthetic Dentistry is based on profound biological knowledge of the human chewing system and hence helps dental professionals to reach the optimal biologic form using several different treatments.

In bioesthetic dentistry, a thorough investigation of the tooth positions and the way the teeth fit and work together (occlusion), and the functioning of the temporomandibular joint forms the basis for any diagnosis and treatment. Thus, a perfect harmony between all parts of the chewing system is established and thus restore the teeth to their optimal structure and relationship – resulting in a healthy, functional, unworn, and beautiful smile.

Dr. Hsu is an accredited Bioesthetic Dentist. For more information, call us or schedule a consultation with Dr. Hsu.

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