Botox has remarkable aesthetic and healing capabilities in the world of dentistry. The cosmetic benefits of Botox are already well established, but its use in dentistry is starting to gain serious momentum. This is possible because of the muscle and structural design of the face. Botox helps correct lip lines, puckered chins, and gummy smiles. Only the right facial muscles must be treated. At Wellness Centered Dentistry in Redmond, Washington, we have the necessary background and training to help deliver more precise and natural-looking results for our patients. 

What Is Dental Botox?

Botox is a natural refined protein that is employed to relax muscles temporarily. It was mainly used to ease the intense muscles around the jaw joint that cause chronic pain. However, Botox is also being increasingly used to treat facial cosmetic concerns in recent times. In dentistry, Botox helps treat various problems like correcting high lip lines, adjusting to your new dentures, reducing TMJ pain and tooth grinding, concealing lip and facial aging lines, decreasing face swelling and excess sweating, and help enhance and reshape your smile.

Uses of Dental Botox

  • Improves and Reshapes Your Smile

Botox can be utilized to enhance and reshape your smile. With the help of Botox, Dr. Raymond Hsu performs minor cosmetic improvements to make you more confident in your smile. Most Botox treatments are simple, and their results will last for about six months before your muscles go back to normal, requiring further treatment. 

  • Adjusting to New Dentures

Sometimes new dentures can cause a considerable amount of discomfort. Our mouths are more prone to gradual changes, and dentures bring about a quick and significant change. While some patients may adjust to new dentures easily, others will be benefited from a Botox treatment to help relax their muscles. Botox can significantly relieve facial pain and discomfort from almost any orthodontic or dental treatment.  

  • TMJ and Grinding Teeth

TMJ disorders can cause extensive pain. There are numerous ways to treat TMJ symptoms, including Botox that will help relax the muscles that cause grinding and clenching of teeth. By continuing to grind your teeth, you will eventually end up causing a substantial amount of harm to your oral cavity.

Temporomandibular joint problems occur when the muscles begin to become tense with stress. This causes you pain when chewing, biting, speaking, and other movements of the jawbone. Botox can relax TMJ joints and muscles to provide you relief from pain.

  • High Lip Lines

High lip lines are a dental condition that exposes a substantial portion of your gums above your teeth when you smile. This condition is also called a gummy smile. Dental Botox can help rectify the lip lines and give you a uniform balanced smile.

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