Orthodontic treatment addresses malocclusion and any bite imperfection that results in an uneven positioning of the teeth. It includes treatment options like Invisalign, Tooth-colored braces, and even removable orthodontics. Thus, orthodontic treatment aims to treat teeth' misalignment and restore their strength and beauty while giving you a strong and healthy-looking smile. 

Benefits of orthodontic treatment 

Here are the top benefits of orthodontic treatment:

  • Aesthetic Benefits:Orthodontic treatment can offer optimal tooth alignment, a solid bite, and a confident smile.
  • Health Benefits:If your mouth is healthy, your whole body has a better chance of being healthy too.
  • Eliminates discomfort:Orthodontic treatment can correct tooth alignment and the bite to ease any undesirable pressure or discomfort caused by the misalignment of teeth.
  • Hygiene Benefits: Properly aligned teeth allow for a cleaner, healthier mouth and a better defense system against gum disease.

Mentioned below are the orthodontic treatments available at Wellness Centered Dentistry:

Dental braces

Braces are one of the most commonly used orthodontic appliances, and they work on the principle of applying pressure on the teeth in a specific direction to move them. They help correct problems with your teeth like crowding, crooked teeth, or misaligned teeth. As you wear them, braces slowly straighten and align your teeth to provide a normal bite. 

Dental braces are composed of brackets attached to the teeth using dental adhesives and wires, which are run through the brackets to apply pressure on the teeth. Braces are highly effective in treating even the most complicated types of malocclusion.

Dental braces can be of three types - conventional metal braces, clear braces, and lingual braces.

Conventional metal braces: They are composed of metal brackets and wires and are the simplest and most widely preferred orthodontic treatment options because of their effectiveness and inexpensiveness.  

Clear braces:For clear braces, the brackets are either made from clear dental-grade plastic or tooth-colored ceramic. Many people prefer them as they stay under disguise while being equally efficient as conventional braces in treating a malocclusion.

Lingual braces:Lingual or invisible braces are attached to the teeth on the side facing the tongue, i.e., the rear side. This allows for the braces' complete invisibility, allowing you to smile confidently even during the treatment phase. Also, they do not cause injuries to the mouth's soft tissues as they do not press against the lips.


The modern-day alternative to the traditional dental braces, Invisalign is made from clear, dental-grade plastic. They are technologically advanced than their traditional alternatives and stay under disguise due to their transparent nature. They look like plastic trays in the teeth' shape and are custom-fabricated according to each patient's oral condition. 

We will scan the teeth using a hand-held scanning tool and use the rendered images to diagnose your malocclusion during the treatment process. The dentists will then use the data from the scans to create a simulation of the teeth movement during the treatment process, which will help to have an idea of how your smile will look after the procedure. The dentist will provide you with a new set of aligners once every two weeks, marking the progress to the next treatment stage. 

It is recommended to wear the aligners for 22 hours each day to achieve the best results. Depending on the severity of malocclusion, the treatment time may last between six months to a year.

At Wellness Centered Dentistry, Raymond Hsu, DDS, MAGD, LLSR, provides orthodontic treatment for patients in the Redmond, Washington, area. To learn more, call us or book an appointment online.

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