Porcelain/ Gold Inlays

Porcelain/ Gold Inlays

Thanks to the advancement in modern cosmetic dentistry, custom-made, natural-looking fillings are now available to address structural issues with your teeth. Inlays are dental restorations that are an alternative to conventional dental fillings and are used to fill cavities and repair the surface of the damaged tooth. They act just like dental fillings and are made from dental-grade porcelain, which helps to keep them in disguise as they are tooth-colored and highly customizable. They can also be made of gold.

Inlays are great for teeth with cavities that require a treatment less extensive than a dental crown but more supportive than a dental filling. They're also great for teeth that have tiny cracks or fractures that need restoration. 

Porcelain inlays are placed in the center of a tooth and bonded to it. They are used to treat decayed or damaged teeth where the problem areas are shallow but wide and are near the tooth's outer surfaces.

What are the advantages of choosing inlays?

Porcelain inlays are a great solution when your teeth need intermediary restorations. They offer many advantages, including:

  • Custom fitting: Inlays are custom-made to fit your tooth using impressions of your existing tooth
  • Require minimal preparation: Inlays require minimal preparation and preserve as much of your tooth as possible. 
  • Natural look and feel: Since porcelain inlays are made from dental-grade ceramic, their appearance and color can be customized to match the natural teeth.
  • Easy cleaning: Since inlays have a  precise fit, they are just like your natural teeth, making brushing and flossing an easy process. Inlays are also stain resistant.
  • Strength:Once bonded to your tooth, the porcelain inserts restores the strength and durability of the damaged tooth.
  • Long-lasting:Inlays can last long as the porcelain material is quite durable.
  • Prevents reinfection: Since inlays offer good sealing properties, they prevent the entry of microbes, thereby preventing reinfection.


Typically, it would take two appointments to place an inlay. During the first consultation, our dentist will thoroughly examine your teeth by checking for cavities, tartar accumulation, existing restorations, gum disease, etc., to understand the severity of the oral condition. After that,  oral scans will be taken to create a digital impression/mold of the teeth that will be used as a reference for fabricating the dental restorations.

During the second consultation, our dentist will clean and prepare your teeth by etching their surface with an etching liquid. We will then place the restoration on the tooth and will bond it using dental adhesives once its contour and structure have been finalized.  T

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