Top Advantages of Wearing a Mouthguard When Playing Sports

Top Advantages of Wearing a Mouthguard When Playing Sports

Posted by WELLNESS CENTERED DENTISTRY on Nov 24 2021, 08:11 AM

According to a study conducted by O’Malley et al, up to one-third of all dental injuries are caused by sports activities. Contact sports like football, basketball, and hockey increase the risk of traumatic dental injuries. 

The American Dental Association recommends wearing a properly fitted mouthguard to reduce the occurrence and severity of dental injuries while playing sports. 

Dr. Raymond Hsu at Wellness Centered Dentistry in Redmond, Washington, offers custom-made mouthguards that better fit and protect your teeth when playing sports. Keep reading to learn more about this dental appliance. 

What Is a Mouthguard?

Mouthguards are dental appliances that cover your teeth and protect them, as well as your tongue and gums, from trauma caused by teeth-grinding or contact injuries while playing sports.

Types of Mouthguards 

  • Custom-Made: After taking an impression of your teeth, your dentist designs a custom-made mouthguard that fits comfortably and provides the best fit and protection.
  • Mouth-Formed (Boil-And-Bite): Available at sporting goods stores and designed to be fitted at home.
  • Stock/Ready-Made: Most commonly available and least expensive, but also considered the least effective due to their generic design and improper fit. 

Look for the ADA seal of acceptance when buying a mouthguard. 

The Ideal Mouthguard 

According to the ADA’s Council of Scientific Affairs and Council on Advocacy for Access and Prevention, an ideal mouthguard should:

  • Be properly fitted
  • Be made from a strong material
  • Stay in place comfortably and securely
  • Be easy to clean
  • Have high-impact energy absorption

Advantages of Wearing a Mouthguard

A study by Mariana et al concluded that the overall prevalence of dental injuries among collective contact sports participants was nearly 30%. A 2019 study revealed that mouthguard users are between 82% to 93% less likely to suffer from dental injuries compared to those who do not wear mouthguards. 

Mouthguards can protect you by:

  • Preventing dentofacial injuries 
  • Reducing concussions 
  • Protecting you from hard and soft tissue injuries to the gums, teeth, and cheeks
  • Preventing more serious injuries like jaw fractures, neck injuries, cerebral hemorrhages, etc.
  • The ADA recommends wearing a mouthguard for all contact sports/recreational activities like basketball, lacrosse, boxing, martial arts, football, or hockey.

Wearing a mouthguard significantly reduces the risk of traumatic dental and oro-facial injuries. For more information, contact our experts at Wellness Centered Dentistry at (425) 882-1354. You can also visit us at 16150 NE 85th St # 115, Redmond, Washington 98052. 

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